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Garage Spray Coating

Garage Spray Coating

Garage doors can become tired and faded over the years and if you have a uPVC or metallic garage door, it can seem like your options are limited to replacement. You now have a choice. By respraying your garage door you can save thousands on replacement and get the look you desire.

Using the latest technology and experienced professionals, we can respray your uPVC and metal garage doors making them look brand new.

Huge Choice of Colours

• Any RAL code can be matched.

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Save £’s

• Save you money on replacement.

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Improved Visuals

• Improved curb appeal.

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Sun Protection

• Protection from UV degradation.

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Our Garage Door Respraying Process…

• A Clear safe working environment – Before we start the process, it is important that all customer possessions have been removed from the areas being sprayed, protecting
from any over spray.

• Clean & De-grease – This is a two part process utilising
products manufactured specifically for the perfect preparation of the uPVC.

• Mastic removal – All mastic sealant is removed
around your uPVC products to ensure a full
coverage is achieved.

• Bonding preparation – All frames are rubbed down
with an abrasive, this is essential for the bond to
take place.

• Masking Up – All glass and surrounding brickwork
are masked up and protected from any over-spray.

• Spraying – Our expert technicians set up their
specialist spray equipment, Initially a mist coat is
applied, then finally two final coats. Leaving your
uPVC products looking like new.

• Clean-up & mastic – The paint is touch dry within
2 minutes. All specialist equipment is packed away,
then all areas are de-masked. The final step is to
reapply mastic in a matching colour.

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Garage door before…

Garage door after…

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